Treeton Medical Centre

Treeton Medical Centre update (29/04/21)

Dear Patients

At Treeton Medical Centre we are experiencing high demands for our appointments and services. We are sure when some of you have been trying to contact the surgery and book appointments that the phone lines are very busy. We are often having to overbook our surgeries, and especially by the afternoon we have almost no capacity left to fit in more telephone calls or appointments. There are multiple reasons for this, but one is that new housing developments in Waverley, Catcliffe and soon Treeton being built mean we are registering large numbers of new patients. Our small building means that although we have increased our staffing levels we have almost run out of room.   Also restrictions with social distancing have also had an impact on the amount of patients we are able to safely see face to face and additional time for appointments required.

A new medical centre for Waverley is currently going through the planning process and with no delays should be opening in October 2022. This means that further patients moving into the area before then may choose to register with us and numbers will continue to increase for a time.

During the next 18 months we will try our hardest to maintain our service for all patients and are looking at ways we can be innovative and use what space we have in the best way.

There are some services that may be alternatives to a GP or Nurse Practitioner appointment, some are longstanding and some new. Please consider them and our reception staff may suggest self referral to eg Physiotherapy or Talking Sense. After 2pm if our service is becoming overwhelmed we may have to direct reception to advise you attend the walk in centre or contact us the following morning.

Bloods results

Please contact the surgery between 11am and 2pm for your results to help patients needing to access on the day appointments.

Routine referrals to hospital

We have no control over appointment waiting times you will need to use the contact details provide to chase up any outstanding appointments.  If you are awaiting an urgent appointment and have not heard within 2wks please contact the secretary.

GP appointments

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic the majority of GP appointments will still be conducted over the telephone or video consultation.  We are now beginning to increase our face to face appointment for nursing staff to ensure patients who need to be seen are seen.  Please do not attend surgery unless you have been advised to do so.  Do not attend the surgery if you suspect you have Covid or isolating due to a family member unless advised to do so.

If you are advised to attend surgery for a face to face appointment we advise you attend with your own face covering.  Please do not attend to surgery more than 5 minutes prior to your appointment time due to limited waiting area.   You may be ask to wait outside if maximum number of patients is reached within the waiting area.

Repeat prescription requests

We are encouraging patients to sign up online via the Rotherham Health App so that these can be completed electronically:  If you still have paper prescriptions, please write your nominated pharmacy and your up to date contact details on the request.  All new requests will only be sent directly to the pharmacy.

Direct services

Please click here for information on the Direct Services that you can access without needing to speak to a doctor

Thank you for your support and understanding.